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Our Favourite 3 In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Ceiling speakers are such a subtle, yet important part of your Smart Home set up. We install many different types and brands of In-Ceiling speaker, and work with our customers to ensure the hardware they choose works for their requirements in their space. Having worked across many brands and types of In-Ceiling speakers, we have reviewed our top 3 below.

The Kef CI-160QR

This is a fabulous In-Ceiling Speaker and comes at a very attractive price point. In-Ceiling speakers can often suffer as their placement can mean the sound reproduction can miss the conventional “sweet spot”. Kef overcome this with their patented Uni-Q, which places the treble speaker at the acoustic centre of the bass/mid-range code. This allows sounds to be dispersed evenly throughout the room, and ensures the sweet spot is throughout the room. From an aesthetic point of view, the speakers have a very slim edge, and are very subtle. This means they do not draw the eye when mounted in to a ceiling, and enhance the ambience of the room rather than creating a bold addition to your ceiling. These are perfect for bedroom and kitchens, where you move around more and may listen to your music from many different parts of the room.

The speakers are £440 pounds for a pair, with optional acoustic/fireproof hoods where required.

The Origin Acoustics D85

These speakers bring advanced 3 way (Treble/Mid-range/Bass) speaker technology into an impressively compact In-Ceiling speaker. Most In-Ceiling speakers have either one or two speaker cones that combine the different frequencies (Treble/Mid-range/Bass). This can lead to a drop in clarity. The unique Origin Acoustics Tri-Linear 3 way driver configuration features the FocalPoint mid-tweeter module. This mid-tweeter module pivots to aim the sound in any direction as required. This is impressive enough. However, our favourite feature is how all of this performance fits into a flush mount package the size of a standard 6" ceiling speaker - great sounds quality in a small, and elegant solution.

These speakers are perfect for living rooms and media rooms where a high performance quality is required, and the listener usually sits in a single location.

These speakers are £1,070 for a pair, with optional speaker hoods.

LitheAudio WiFi (Wireless) In-Ceiling Speakers

Both the Kef and Origin speakers require a separate amplifier (we love the amazing new Sonos Amp) and in-wall cables. However, if you dream of In-Ceiling speaker that works wirelessly requiring only a lighting cable to power them (which will probably already exist in your ceiling), you must check out the LitheAudio WiFI speakers. For installation, the holes required for these speakers can be cut from below. As previous mentioned, they can be powered from your pre-exisiting lighting cable and then you can play from Airplay, access your Spotify library, stream from Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner all within the app for multi-room audio. All this technology, and fabulous sound quality!

These speakers start from £329.97 for a single mono speaker, and £399.99 for a stereo pair with optional speaker hoods.

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John Soames

* Terms and conditions apply. New orders only. The saving applies to the speakers only, not accessories or other items on the order. Installation chargeable separately.

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