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bang & olufsen kit

Where did it all start?


It started in 1997.  John Soames, the founder of Echo14, worked in the television department in Harrods.  The first television he sold was the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision AV9000. Why the AV9000?  Because it was an elegant, integrated solution.  A television with a Video Recorder, Surround Sound Processor and motorised stand built in.  The quality was the highest available, and the operation was as simple as could be.  From that point John was hooked.  He would sell, deliver and install the best solutions available for his clients.


Unrivalled passion and experience


From June 2001 to November 2018 John has owned and operate three Bang & Olufsen shops, in Canary Wharf, Kingston and Upminster.  And during that time, the ability for a single manufacturer to supply all your Audio Visual Needs slowly ebbed away.  Why?  Because the role of the internet and Connected Home technologies has grown exponentially as has our reliance on these within our day to day. We now have iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, TuneIn, Sky and many others offering the ability to stream music and television into our homes.  We can turn on our lights, check the temperature of our home, unlock the doors or set the alarm in our home from anywhere in the world.  As the needs of Connected Homes have grown, so has our knowledge, experience and passion for delivering solutions that work – both today and in the future.


Simply Smarter


Echo14 offers independent advice and experience across a portfolio of market-leading Connected Home products. We deliver elegant, effective integrated solutions tailored to each individual project we work on.


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