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Good installation work is not about the products - it is about the room

Smart Solutions should improve your home in all aspect. The products should be tailored to each other, the cables should be reliable and future-proof, the functionality should simplify, not complicate and the installation should be neat and accurate.

smarhome speaker installaton

The Products


Our experience shows us that there is so much more to creating your connected home than installing the latest whizz bang tech that is obsolete within a year.


Through our depth of product knowledge and options, we can discuss what your requirements are and look at the best way to achieve this. It is not about having all of the features available, but having the right features for you for you.

The Placement


We believe products should fit elegantly into the room, rather than the room fit around the products.  They need to be in the correct location when they are in use, but to be unassuming when they are not.  Is this achieved through concealment, or mechanical movement? Or should visible products be integrated into the overall design? These are all areas of consideration that we can advise on and apply to your connected home.


The Control


We believe a smart home should be simple to operate. Products should be able to talk to each other, control panels discreet and efficient, and your connected home make your life easier not harder! Whether they are interfaced by remote control, touchscreens, voice commands or simple switches, we can discuss and apply the control your need to any solution we develop.

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