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Echo14 TV Wall Mounts

All television walls mounts are different, the key to a successful installation is in the planning. The main wall mounting options are:


  • Fixed Wall Bracket

  • Manual Moving Bracket

  • Motorised Wall Bracket

  • In-wall, such as mirror televisions

  • Hanging or furniture attached


Fixed wall brackets are the simplest for all wall types, but cable management is essential for a neat installation.


For a manual moving bracket, a double arm is the best option. This has two sections on the pole that mounts the television to the wall, with an “elbow” joint in the middle. This give the television a lot of movement in to the room, but the ability to move flat against the wall or back in to a cabinet.  This allows a television to conceal neatly in a room when not being used, but to be able to move in to a ideal viewing position when in use. The brackets can be custom ordered, with arm length correct for the movement of the television in the room, and painted in a colour that matches the room.


Motorised wall brackets can move to pre-programmed positions when the television is turned on and off


In wall televisions work very well in bathrooms and kitchens, and a mirrored finish can help with concealment.


Some brackets use cables or poles to hang an television from a cabinet or ceiling to free up space beneath the television.

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