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Echo14 can help you with your #stayhome

We can improve your WiFi to make a faster and more reliable network, with greater coverage across your home.  This will help with: 

  • Working from home

  • Children distance learning over the internet at home

  • Video calling friends and family

  • An increased demand on home entertainment

  • Video conferencing meetings

We know life is going to be a little bit different for a while. We can't fix the impact of Covid-19 on our daily lives, but we can help make sure you are set up at home to keep your communication, work requirements, educational requirements and entertainment up and running. Now more than ever, the quality and strength of your home network is crucial to daily life.

We have a number of different options, solutions and ideas that can help, and we can supply (and get up and running) safely. We have identified some core areas we can assist and these are outlined below. You can also contact us if you have any questions or queries and we will do our best to help

Improve your home WiFi speed and coverage

When it comes to WiFi, and your home network, most homes rely only on the modem router supplied by their broadband provider. This usually works well for WiFi devices when they are near the modem, but the speed drops when you are further away, or when lots of devices in your home are using the network.  Echo14 have a range of products that can increase your network's capacity and range, to improve the performance of your WiFi.  These can be configured by our experts before they are dispatched, for our customers to install, with video call support from an installer.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 11.03.15.png

Network Router with Parental Controls

Did you know you can have your own network router, which simply connects into the modem provided by your broadband supplier? A high performance router means more streaming devices on your home network can work at the same time, which greatly reduces buffering and delays.  You can prioritised devices, such as Netflix on televisions, over non essential WiFi devices.  You can choose your own WiFi network name and password, so they are easier to remember.  We can configure parental controls, allowing children's tablets and phones to access the internet at preset times of the day, and to block access to websites you do not wish your children to visit. We also supply a range of routers that have remote maintenance, allowing our experts to adapt your home network without the need to visit.  And best of all, if you have your own router, you can change from one broadband supplier to another without needing to put new passwords in to your devices. Email us for more information, or call on 020 8408 3334.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 11.29.31.png

WiFi extenders for indoors and outdoors

Your WiFi can be quick and cover all areas of your home, with some very simple devices.  The best way to extend your WiFi coverage, both indoors and outside, is to use Wireless Access Points (WAPs) connected with cat5/cat6 cables.  This gives the highest WiFi speed, and the greatest reliability, but it is not always convenient to run cables across the home.  There are a range of plugin devices, such a mesh or powerline extenders, that can increase the coverage and speed of your WiFi without the need to run cables.  Our network experts can reconfigure these devices, so the have the same WiFi name and password, for simple home installation.  Email us for more information, or call on 020 8408 3334.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 11.49.12.png

Additional Televisions and Music Systems

As well as WiFi, Echo14 can preconfigure televisions and music systems for our customers, to allow products to be delivered and simple plugged in.  Whether a stand alone product, to multi room systems, they can be set up so they are ready to go when they are delivered.


Remote Technical Support for you or your Family Members

We offer remote technical support via email, phone or video call. Additionally, for customers with routers that allow remote maintenance, we can help with other network issues such as printers not printing.  Our experts are UK based, knowledgable and patient. We fully understand how stressful technology can be when it does not work the way that it should, and apply calm and reassurance when needed.

Parents and Elderly Relatives

We have also worked with some customer's parents to help get their communications set up remotely. Our technical experts are patient and clear, and can assist those who may not be overly familiar with modern communication options. Everyone's relationship is different, but experience has shown us that using a third party (such as us!) can save frustration and upset when it comes to helping parents and elderly relatives to get their communications tools working.

These are unsettling times, and we are all having to adjust. As a small business with expertise in making homes as communication-friendly as possible, we are able to respond quickly, and efficiently at a time when everything feels more challenging. Don't let home technology be an additional source of stress, contact us and see how we can help.

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